7 Action Steps to Help Your Loved One Get over Alcohol Addiction

Are you trying to help a loved one get over alcohol?

The phrase “you can’t make an addict stop” is not true if you follow the right measures.

While it’s true that addicts stop when they want to, you can make them withdraw gradually by taking some essential steps towards managing their addictive behaviors.

Here are seven key ways to help your loved one progressively get over alcohol without pushing them so hard.


  1. Talk about Your Concerns

Addicts know they hurt not just themselves with their behaviors.

They feel remorseful knowing that they hurt someone else with their lifestyle.

The first step to get them into slowing down on alcohol is to talk to them about how their lifestyle affects you.

You could use either a conversational approach or even call up an “intervention” depending on the reception of the person in question.

You could arrange for other persons concerned to be present if the addict is reprobate and refuse to accept change.

The most important thing is that you get the person to understand how his/her habits affect you and why you genuinely want it to stop.


  1. Get Them to Talk About the Reasons behind Their Addiction

After breaking them down and letting them know you want them to quit their habit, the next critical step you have to take is to get them to talk about the reasons behind their addiction.

It’s difficult for someone to get addicted to alcohol just for the fun of it.

Most addicts struggle with depression, anxiety or even a terrible life situation like debt or severe illness.

Talk to them calmly and try to find out what’s behind there excessive drinking habits.

If you are lucky, you will find out with just one conversation.

However, if the person is unwilling to reveal to you, don’t push it or lose your cool.

Try again after a few days when he/she is sober, and you will get your answers.


  1. Show Them Why You Care

Many people end up as addicts because they think people around them do not care.

They rather find solace in either drugs or alcohol than confide in people.

To break them up, you must come up with concrete proof to show you are not just any other person that wants to mock them.


  1. Do Not Force Them to Quit

The easiest way to fail in your mission of rescuing an alcohol addict is to give the addict an ultimatum to either quit alcohol or lose either you or the rest of the family.

This strategy has never worked and will not work in this situation.

Alcohol addicts do not joke with their glass of wine.

For them to relapse into becoming an addict; it means they gave up on all other options including family.

Rather than offer ultimatums, try giving them advice on why alcohol is not the way out of their problems.

Talk to them about other options on how to solve their questions so they can see things in a different light.


  1. Do Not Shame Them or Act Judgmental Around Them

Addicts already feel bad and broken about their lives.

Coming around them with lousy judgment and shame will only lower their self-esteem and kick them deeper into depression.

Alcoholism is not just an addiction, it’s a disease, and those affected can no longer help themselves.

Those who suffer from alcoholism would naturally irritate you, but you must remember that they are struggling with their lives and are suffering enough already.


  1. Seek Help from Other People

For you to successfully help your loved one overcome alcohol, you must seek advice from other people who have similar experience and find out how they managed to break through.

Although it’s challenging to find someone with the exact experience as your loved one, you may be lucky to find someone with something close.


  1. Do Not Use Alcohol around an Addict

Drinking alcohol in the presence of someone you are trying to help quit drinking will counter your efforts.

Drinking around them would only make them want to join you and pass the message that you weren’t even serious with trying to get them to quit alcohol.

It doesn’t mean you can drink alcohol, don’t just do it in front of someone you are trying to help quit drinking.


Bottom Line

The following tips will help you get through leading a loved one out of alcoholism.

Remember, it’s never going to be easy. You will at some point wish you never opted to help.

But when you do save the soul, you are going to be eternally grateful for trying.